Comic-Con 2010 Is Coming!

June 30, 2010

This photo is an example of: 1. An unexpected celebrity sighting (Nathan Fillion!) for which you need a camera 2. A poster tube coming in handy for the poster that is being autographed by said celebrity 3. A poster tube making the wearer look like a cool Jedi.

I seriously have the geekiest travel plans ever this fall. Awesome, but geeky.

To start with, three weeks from today I’m flying to San Diego for Comic-Con 2010 – four long days of airbending, wizardry, cosplay, singing Gleeks and movie freebies. Hopefully a LOT of freebies.

If you’re heading to Comic-Con for the first time, or even if you’re going to another con this summer, here are the conventional tips I picked up last year:

Wear sensible shoes. This is one thing your mother was totally right about. It’s nice to look good, but after 58 hours of standing in lines, your bleeding toes aren’t going to look good in any sandal, no matter how cute and expensive, so bring clean socks and footwear that offers some cushioning.

Carry Band-aids with you, just in case those sensible shoes don’t work out. One bad blister can ruin your whole weekend.

Pack some snacks. Comic-Con isn’t cheap. You’ll want to buy shirts and toys and posters and maybe shell out $40 to have your photo taken with your favorite dreamy BSG cast member. So don’t waste an extra $20 a day on bottled water and potato chips. (You also don’t want to give up your seat or place in line to go buy them.)

I took along some nuts, granola bars and M&Ms and that way only had to buy a sandwich or something once  a day, saving time and money.

Photo by "Max" at Picasa

Bring a big frakkin bag. A lot of booths will hand out bags, but it’s better to come prepared and have a way to keep all of the stuff you buy in good shape. A sturdy folder is great for signed photos and a poster tube is handy, too. Get one with a strap so you can wear it on your back and you get the added bonus of feeling like a Jedi.

Always have your camera/phone ready. Always. You’ll have it ready when stars take the stage, but even walking through the main exhibition hall you never know when Seth Green is going to walk past you, or when you’re going to see someone in the most incredible Transformers costume ever.

Bring your ISIC. Most museums in San Diego offer discounts if you show your International Student Identity Card and so do some harbor tours, the San Diego Wild Animal Park, the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld.

Don’t blink. It will all go by really fast, so remember to take a breath every now and then, have a look around you and enjoy the madness. (Not blinking will also keep you from being killed by Angels, as every good Whovian knows.)

I’ll be blogging from the con, if the wi-fi will let me, so stay tuned for my crazy, geeky gushing and ranting.

Petrificus totalis!

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