I’d Rather Be Travelling in Fiji

July 2, 2010

Who wouldn’t? Is there anyone who would turn down a chance to tour Fiji? Of course not. That’s crazy talk.

And if you are going to tour Fiji, then hopping on a FeeJee Experience bus is a great way to see the main island, meet other travellers, and have a lot of the planning taken care of for you.

Much like the Oz Experience bus in Australia or Kiwi Experience in New Zealand, the FeeJee Experience bus lets you hop on and off the bus wherever you like. Stay in one place for a day, a week, or a month. Your pass is good for 12 months from when you start.

Your pass includes a lot of activities, including sand boarding, trekking, river tubing, trips to secluded waterfalls, traditional kava ceremony, bilibili rafting, bathing in hot pools and mud pools and sampling sugar cane. That means less money out of your pocket for daily adventures.

FeeJee guides know the island and can take you to places that other tour companys don’t know about or don’t bother with, so you won’t always be running into crowds.

Ready to live the island life? Talk to a Travel CUTS student travel expert about booking a tour and a student flight.

One comment

  1. I’d rather be traveling in Costa Rica!

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