Travel Canada for Cheap with Hostelling International

July 6, 2010

At this point in the summer you’re either back from vacation, getting ready to go, or you’re thinking that here’s another long, hot summer with nothing to do and nowhere to go and your friends are lame and you should have planned something but didn’t and you’ll definitely plan something for next year because no way are you going to work at a shoe store again while your friends are backpacking Southeast Asia.

If you’re that third, bored, long-winded person, then snap out of it! Summer isn’t over yet, and there’s plenty you can do, even on a budget and even if you only have a weekend.

Check out Hostelling International Canada. They’ll show you how you can:

Get an ISIC and a hostel membership from Travel CUTS and save $4 a night at a hostel and get discounts on lots of other things, too.


  1. You know what? The Furnished Apartment Option may be interesting for a young traveler while visiting Montreal. An economic one too. Even cheaper than the Youth Hostel if you travel with friends with whom you can share the rent. You get a larger accommodation, a cheaper one and you live in the middle of real Montrealers, close to a metro station. Interested? Take a look at http://www.ragq.com/furnished_apartments.aspx to know more.

  2. Thanks, Carmen! I hadn’t considered that option, but it’s worth looking into. – Lisa

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