Comic Con 2010: Highlights

July 28, 2010

Ok, so the live blogging didn’t really work what with the tens of thousands of people there trying to all use the wi-fi at once. Also, I was just having too much fun to stop and type.

So here are what I consider the best bits of this year’s Comic Con, based completely on my preferences and biases:

The USA block of panels (“Burn Notice”, “White Collar”, “Psych”). first, they had Bruce Campbell, who’s always full of swagger and good stories, then there was Matt Bomber who’s just ridiculously good looking, and then the “Psych” guys kicked off their panel by bringing out Curt Smith from 80s pop band Tears for Fears and performing “Shout” with him. Too awesome. Watch for yourself:

The Big Bang Theory panel. I just started watching the show this year but heard that last year’s panel was good, so I waited in line with a couple thousand people wearing “Bazinga!” shirts for my chance to see the biggest geeks on TV. I’m really glad I did, because not only did we get Wil Wheaton as moderator, we got the Barenaked Ladies as an opening act. They performed the theme song and we all got to sing along, like this:

The swag. My suitcase came home about twice as heavy as it left and most of that was free tshirts, posters, giant bags, autographs (ok, those aren’t heavy, but they are cool), magazines and, since it is Comic Con, a few actual comics. Anybody want a huge Green Hornet bag? Leave a comment.

The adorable kids. I’m not someone who really likes kids, but there’s a certain amount of wonder and joy and magic that a child experiences when faced with superheros and cartoons and toys come to life, and seeing a kid go gaga over something made me enjoy it even more. I don’t know much about Green Lantern, for example, but this was a favorite moment of mine:

The people watching. The one nice thing about waiting in line for something is that you get to stand still and watch the parade. Because that’s what Comic Con is: a four-day-long parade. From steampunk to anime to alien, I saw costumes that were unbelievable just for the amount of workmanship that went into them, as well as costumes that were simple but crazy creative.

The props. Hollywood doesn’t do anything small. You want to promote your military action film? Don’t just give out keychains, land a full-on helicopter outside of the convention center. And billboards? Ha! Puny. The only sign worth having is a 20-story high one on the side of a hotel.

The flight home. After five days of walking, waiting, shopping, lugging swag and getting almost no sleep, I was pretty thrilled to pack up and say goodbye to San Diego. I love it, but I love missing it even more.

See you next year, Comic Con!

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