Photos: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

November 13, 2010

I took at least 200 pictures just in the Harry Potter area of Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Here’s a peek at some of my favorites.

Our first view of Hogsmeade, and it's perfect.

The hot weather kept me from buying up all the chocolate cakes and goodies in Honeydukes on my first day, but on my last night, I loaded up.


Hogwarts is that-a-way!

You have to have a meal in the Three Broomsticks. Also stop into the Hog's Head next door for a Butterbeer, or a real beer, and head out back to their patio. There's a great view of the castle from there.

You'll feel like you're headed to a massive pep rally thanks to all the Tri-Wizard Champion signs leading up to the Dragon Challenge rollercoaster.

The only way this car would have been cooler is if it had some Weasleys in it. Preferably the twins. I freaking love the twins.

Don't leave without saying hello to some of the visiting students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. They put on shows throughout the day.

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