Take the Royal Wedding Tour of London

January 19, 2011

If you’re a big fan of Kate and William, then the next time you’re in London, check out the Royal Wedding walking tour that will take you to places where they ate, danced, broke up and attended other royal get-togethers.

The £15 walking tour is given by Celebrity Planet, which also offers a Princess Diana memorial tour, a Harry Potter tour, Notting Hill/Portobello Road tours, a Jack the Ripper walk and a Beatles London tour, among others.

Don’t want to pay for a tour out of your student traveller budget? Then make your own map. Many of the Royal Wedding locations are listed on the Celebrity Planet website, and there are many sites that list Harry Potter locations in London.

Grab a map and a highlighter and you can plot your own day around London, at your pace. You’ll miss out on the color commentary though, which can be part of the fun if you have a good guide.

Know of any other good walks in London?


  1. That will be a great tour. I’ll defintely be there. Regards London Hotels

  2. I’d love to hear if you think the tour was worth the price. Thanks! – Lisa

  3. Prinz William heiratet und kurbelt die Wirtschaft an…

    Prinz William und Kate Middleton heiraten. Statt Tee zu trinken, vermieten die Londoner ihre Wohnungen – und machen so den teuren Hotels Konkurrenz. ……

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