Celebrate Australia Day with Biscuits and VB

January 26, 2011

Making Lamingtons is long, slow work, so I improvised and made a Lamington cake instead,

Happy Australia Day!

Sure, it’s pretty much over already in Australia, but that’s no reason that you can’t keep enjoying the spirit of the land down under.

One of the best things about traveling is everything you get to bring back with you to share with others. Not just the t-shirts and snow globes and local candy bars, but all the experiences you’ve had and everything you’ve learned about the people you met and the culture you got to be part of.

For example: When I did my year abroad in Sydney, studying at UNSW, one of my first campus events was an orientation and mixer for international students.

To introduce us to Aussie cuisine, we were fed Lamingtons (yellow cake, sandwiched together with strawberry preserves, then dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut) and given billy tea to drink. It was a great way to meet some of the other students and start to feel comfortable in my new home.

Now, to commemorate my time in Australia, I have a little Australia Day celebration every year. I make Lamingtons or a Pavlova, buy ANZAC biscuits or Tim Tams if I can find them, get some VB (Victoria Bitter, the real Aussie beer), decorate my place with my favorite travel photos and souvenirs, and invite friends over to watch my “Kath & Kim” DVDs. (You may substitute in “Crocodile Dundee” movies or something with Heath Ledger, but definitely not “Australia”. Be ashamed, Nicole Kidman!).

If you can’t get out into the world, bring the world to you (and your kitchen)!


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