Happy Birthday Peace Corps & CUSO-VSO!

March 8, 2011

Everyone knows about the Peace Corps. It’s an American organization that sends people to developing countries to volunteer – the ultimate voluntourism experience, with most assignments lasting two years.

But do you know about CUSO-VSO? Just like the Peace Corps it was founded in 1961, so they’re both celebrating their 50th year in operation. And just like the Peace Corps, CUSO-VSO (a combination of the Canadian University Service Overseas and Voluntary Service Overseas programs) sends people overseas to volunteer (around 15,000 of them so far).

But unlike the Peace Corps, CUSO-VSO is open to Canadians, so it’s something you might think about doing at some point in your life.

Go ahead. Finish university, work for a few years, start to settle down, then have your quarter-life crisis and decide to pack up and start over again, but this time in Cameroon or Bolivia or Indonesia. You can blog about it, get a book deal and have Hollywood make a movie about your life. It’ll be a good time.

Learn more about CUSO-VSO and the good work they (and you) can do.

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