Best April Fool’s Day Travel Pranks

April 1, 2011

For April Fool’s today, sniqueaway.com (no, the spelling of the name isn’t part of the joke – it’s just an embarrassing misuse of letters) is offering a great deal at Con Nuri Eleganza, where you get hourly double rainbows:

Unicorn rentals can be reserved remotely via a really strong wish.

This resort features a miniature Loch Ness monster, unicorn rentals, a bathroom mirror that shows you as you looked in 1996, fairy masseuses, a Jell-O moat and monkey butlers.

The description is over-the-top enough that you know it’s a joke, but it would still be a fun place to visit… in my mind. I’m going there now.

Check out some past travel pranks, like the time WestJet Airlines fooled its passengers by asking them all to help save energy during takeoff by stretching out their arms and flapping. Oh, WestJet.

Have a great weekend!

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