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Sleep & Ski With a Canadian Hostel Package

March 3, 2011

Think skiing is for wimps? Then you'll love the challenging ice wall at HI Banff.

Save yourself the trouble of booking separate sleeping and skiing packages by checking out what Hostelling International Canada has to offer.

If you’re headed to Fernie, Banff, Jasper or Mont-Tremblant, you can get one low HI member rate on Ski & Ride packages for your bunk, lift ticket, and maybe breakfast, drinks and more.

Not an HI member? It’s easy to become one. And if you’re a frequent skiier and season’s pass holder at Marmot Basin, it works the other way around: you can sleep free at the Jasper HI.

So ski, sit by the fire, do some tobogganing, climb an ice wall, and relax knowing that you might break a leg, but you won’t break the bank.


Canada: A Sexy Place to Travel?

October 5, 2010
Visit Canada!

Size matters, and everything in Canada is huge.

According to one of the travel newsletters I receive, Canada is a hot and happening place. Did you already know that? Check it out:

Dear Canada. She’d be the smart quiet girl who everyone respected but nobody really knew.

But you’ll recall the thing about those smart quiet girls is that given enough time and attention (not to mention decent wine), they could often be persuaded to reveal their secret charms. They definitely had a sexy side; you just needed a little patience to make them come across.

And so it is with Canada.

Read more about Canada’s wild side and the places that you probably passed a hundred times without kowing what you were missing (just that that quiet girl in school).


Celebrate Oktoberfest 2010 Wherever You Are

September 2, 2010

Officially, Oktoberfest starts in Munich on Sep. 18th and the beer steins will be kept full until Oct. 4th. You still have plenty of time to book a long weekend there, just don’t expect to find a place to stay close to the action.

So how can you Fest closer to home? Try one of these celebrations:

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest – Head just west of Toronto Oct. 8-16 for a traditional Bavarian Festival. More than a million people a year come for the food, the music and the beer.

Oktoberfest USA – Just south of the border in La Crosse, Wisconsin, they’re celebrating their 50th Oktoberfest Sep. 24-Oct. 2. The good news: There’s a Lederhosen Luncheon and a Craft Beer Night. The bad news: The Bret Michaels show is sold out already. Nooo!

Oktoberfest ZinZinnati – That’s what Cincinnati, Ohio, is calling itself from Sep. 17-19 and the menu alone is a reason to travel from far and wide to check this one out. There’s also a Chicken Dance with the Stars, which… yeah. I’m just going to leave it at that.

If you can’t make it to a huge public display of  sauerkraut and suds, put together your own cultural event. Gather friends, barbeque various wursts, download some classic polkas and make your own fun.

Travel isn’t always about going somewhere (especially on a budget, and especially during midterms). Sometimes it’s about bringing the culture and adventure to you.



Get a 6 Pak From Rail Canada and Save

August 20, 2010

No, they can’t give you killer abs, and you’re on your own for beer. If you need a ride to school though, VIA Rail is there for you.

Proving that it’s pretty much always cheaper to buy in bulk, VIA Rail is offering up to 50% off regular adult rail fares when you use your ISIC and purchase 6 one-way trips (a.k.a. 3 round trips) at once. For example:

From Montréal to… VIA 6 pak fare
(Three round trips)
Savings compared with the student rate
(Three round trips)
Toronto $408 $162
Ottawa $162 $66
Kingston $246 $96
London $546 $216
Québec City $222 $84

Book now if you already have an ISIC, or contact a Travel CUTS student travel expert to make sure you save as much as you can.

Have a great ride!


Do Canadians Really Want “Nakations”?

July 30, 2010

According to one of the travel newsletters I subscribe to, Canadians love to take their clothes off on vacation. They want nudist beaches, nudist campgrounds, maybe even nudist libraries.

(I made that last one up myself, although it probably does exist somewhere.)

Is it true though? When you plan to get away, do you think more about what you aren’t going to wear than what you are going to pack? Somebody must be into it or they wouldn’t have made up that word: “nakations”. Just saying it makes me feel a little underclothed.

See what the Montreal Gazette has to say, and let me know if I should be writing about more clothing-optional student travel destinations. Or does “clothing-optional” describe student travel in general? Hmmm.


Travel Canada for Cheap with Hostelling International

July 6, 2010

At this point in the summer you’re either back from vacation, getting ready to go, or you’re thinking that here’s another long, hot summer with nothing to do and nowhere to go and your friends are lame and you should have planned something but didn’t and you’ll definitely plan something for next year because no way are you going to work at a shoe store again while your friends are backpacking Southeast Asia.

If you’re that third, bored, long-winded person, then snap out of it! Summer isn’t over yet, and there’s plenty you can do, even on a budget and even if you only have a weekend.

Check out Hostelling International Canada. They’ll show you how you can:

Get an ISIC and a hostel membership from Travel CUTS and save $4 a night at a hostel and get discounts on lots of other things, too.


Canada’s Greatest Summer Job

June 21, 2010

Terra Nova National Park © Parks Canada / W. Lynch /, 1992

No, it’s not judging a bikini contest or being an ice cream taste tester, although both of those jobs have their good points.

According to Parks Canada, Canada’s Greatest Summer Job is being a video reporter in the national parks. The 32 students selected for this task will produce a series of video reports on their experiences in national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas.

It’s outdoorsy, it involves travel, it’s working in film, and it’s not flipping burgers or folding t-shirts. Sounds like a pretty awesome job to me. Want it to be yours next summer? Keep an eye on the student employment opportunities offered by the parks and get ready for summer 2011.

The Parks also offer “Summer jobs that are outside the box“, and outside the shopping mall, so there are lots of ways to make your summer job seem like a summer staycation.