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Book a Contiki Trip and Save $200 on Airfare

March 21, 2011

Exams will be over before you know it, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll be spending the summer.

If you’re looking for ways to save, then consider this deal: Book one of Contiki Holiday’s European tours at Travel CUTS by March 31st, 2011 and get a $200 air credit towards your trip.

Visit your local Travel CUTS store or call 800.667.2887 to take advantage of this deal. It’s good for travel through the end of the year, so you could plan to go before you start a semester abroad in the fall, or spend Christmas skiing Europe.

Not sure where you want to go? Read more about Contiki trips and find the one that’s right for you!


Do Europe This August, Contiki Style!

June 2, 2010

Ah, summer. Time for sitting on lawns and staring at castles.

No summer plans? No problem. There’s still time to book a summer trip to Europe with Contiki.

You pack a bag and they handle pretty much everything else, so no need to stress over train times, bus maps hostel reservations or all of the other planning that a big trip requires.

On a Contiki tour, you get to see all the important sights, but with plenty of time to have fun too.

Your guide will be happy to give you ideas on where to spent your evenings, and might help you organize them as well, but you’re also free to do your own thing. Hit some of Europe’s hot nightclubs, catch an opera, or take an evening off to check your email and watch a movie.

You can visit London, Paris, the French Riviera, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Corfu, Venice, Vienna, Cesky Krumlov, Prague, Munich, Liechtenstein, Lucerne, Heidelberg, Rhine Valley, Amsterdam and a bunch of places in between.

Have a look at some of the tours being offered this summer, or talk to a student travel expert for a full list of possibilities. Summer’s just getting started! Make the most of it!


Spend Reading Week 2010 in Europe

January 20, 2010

I hope you haven’t given up on your New Year’s resolution to travel this year. There are some great student deals coming out for spring and summer, and some you can take advantage of for Reading Week.

How about a European vacation? You might not get perfect weather, but you also won’t get the crowds and high prices you get during peak travel times in the summer.

Right now you can book select Contiki trips with Travel CUTS and get $200-300 back. That’s money you can spend on souvenirs, snacks, a new camera or whatever you need for your trip.

Check out the list of available destinations, including the Greek Isles, Spain, France, Croatia and Italy. You must book and pay by March 31, 2010 to take advantage of this offer.

Actual reading during these trips is optional.


Bus It Around New Zealand

February 6, 2009

nzmapIn a little more than two weeks I’m heading to New Zealand for a long-awaited vacation. I’m starting in Auckland and working my way down to Christchurch, then flying on to Sydney to spend a few days with friends. 

New Zealand is a student traveler’s dream destination. It’s affordable, full of adventure and very easy to navigate on any budget. Part of that flexibility comes from the number of transportation options you have. What you should choose depends on your style, your situation and the experience you want to have.

I Want Total Freedom
If you don’t want to be on anyone’s schedule but your own, you’re best off traveling by standard get-me-from-point-A-to-point-B bus. Book as you go, picking the times that are best for you, and answer to no one!

You might also consider renting a car, especially if you’re traveling with friends and can split the cost.

I Want Some Freedom, But Don’t Want to Plan Every Detail
The hop-on hop-off bus is for you. These services stop at different sights between pick-up and drop-off points, can help you organize activities like skydiving, rafting or pub crawls, have drivers who can tell you about what you’re seeing, but also let you jump off whenever you like. Passes are typically good for 12 months, so you can get back on the bus days, weeks or even months later. You aren’t stuck with the group like you are with a full-on tour, so you have more flexibility in your itinerary.

I’m doing most of my travel by Magic Bus, with some day trips of my own thrown in between stops. This way I don’t have to worry about booking lots of separate bus trips, but I can also take time to do things I want to do that aren’t included in the usual schedule. I’ve also used the Oz and Kiwi Experience buses in the past and had a great time.

I Want Someone Else to Plan It All For Me
You need a tour company, like Contiki. All of your transportation and lodging will be planned for you and some meals will be included. You won’t have to do anything except show up on time and enjoy yourself, but you also won’t be able to abandon your group and hang at the beach for a few extra days if the mood strikes you. If you’re on a tight budget and only have a fixed number of days for traveling though, this can be a good way to maximize the amount of ground you cover.

Once you decide how you’re happiest when you travel, you’ll be able to narrow down the options and find what’s right for you.


Get Extra Spring Break Dollars from Contiki

January 8, 2009

I survived my passport photos yesterday, although I look a little bit like I had them taken in a Siberian prison, and now that my own travel papers are in order, I’m ready to pass on some more useful information to you.

map_europeI’ll let you know up front that this deal is for Canadian students only. Apologies to my American brothers and sisters, but I’ll have something else for you soon.

Right now, book a Contiki Europe tour that’s 25 days or longer with Travel CUTS and get $200 or $300 back, depending on the length of the trip.* Check the footnote below for more of the dates and details, or visit Travel CUTS for all the information.

Yes, this is one of those things where you have to spend money to make money, but if you’re planning a Europe trip anyway, you should do whatever you can to maximize your travel dollars.

Speaking of maximizing your cash, have you read about Iceland? It used to be one of the most expensive place you could visit, but due to economic troubles there (and everywhere), things have suddenly become far more affordable. It still might not qualify as a “cheap” trip, but it’s worth looking into if you’re really interested.

There are hostels in Iceland that run around US $10 a night (more if you want a fancy, private room), and while you may not think of it as an adventure destination, Iceland does offer river rafting, ATV quad biking, snorkelling, and plenty of hiking.

If you go, say “hey” to Bjork for me.


*Book & pay in full between Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2009 for a Contiki European Tour 25 days or longer departing before June 1st, 2009 and receive a pre-paid VISA Gift Card to spend on your vacation.


Spend New Year’s In New York!

August 27, 2008

It doesn’t matter if you’re still busy with back-to-school shopping and haven’t even thought about your Halloween costume yet. New Year’s is one of those things that sneaks up on you. Procrastinate now and before you know it you’re scrambling for a date, a party, a ticket to a concert, anything you can get your hands on to keep you out of the house and away from Dick Clark’s shabby replacement.

One of the easiest things to do is get a friend or two together now and book a trip to New York where you can greet 2009 in style – screaming at the top of your lungs in Times Square.

Contiki is offering just such a trip with a package that includes twin-share accommodations, a metro pass, tour guide and some meals. They’ll get you settled with a place to stay, basic sightseeing and some other student travelers that you might hit it off with, and then you can personalize the trip by planning your own must-sees around that. The package is reasonably priced at USD $845 for five days and can be booked right now.

Will the Naked Cowboy be around for a New Year’s kiss? That I don’t know. But there will be plenty of other lips around for you to meet and greet. Book this now so that you can cross it off your To Do list and start putting your real planning efforts into Spring Break 🙂


The Eiffel Tower: See it While You Can

March 26, 2008

New Eiffel TowerOh, those artsy smarty French. They’re always looking for ways to make things better, prettier, more refined or just more French. They did well with the whole Impressionism thing. The baguette is about as good as bread can get. Their fashion isn’t bad either. But now they’re messing with history, architecture and tourism, all at once.

They are “reshaping” the Eiffel Tower.

What can possibly be done to change a structure so big, so sturdy, and so well known? Well, you can put a little hat on it. Or maybe it’s a collar, the kind of big fluffy thing that kings named Louis once wore. You can accessorize it with a bit of frill and fringe and then hang some sparkly lights on it. Won’t that be nice? Maybe, maybe not.

The story that came out yesterday doesn’t indicate when construction begins, only that it will be complete in time for the structure’s 120th birthday next year. That means if you want to get a photo of you next to Eiffel Tower Classic, and not New Coke… er, The Eiffel Tower, Take Two, you’d better hurry. Or you’d better know someone who’s a whiz in Photoshop.

Mostly, I worry about all the street vendors and souvenir shops that will have to either make room for new keychains, postcards, spoon drips, collector-edition thimbles, pot holders, and tshirts, or get rid of the old ones. Who’s to say what the tourists will want? Could this redesign launch a new industry or photographers on the street offering photos next to a backdrop of the old-style Tower for tourists who want pictures with both? If you’re looking for a way to pay for your trip, you can use that idea for free.

Contiki can take you to Paris and show you all the sites, or you can get a student flight and a hostel membership and go it alone. Either way, your friends at Travel CUTS can help you find the best deals. Bon voyage!