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Travel Like Matt (Dancing Optional)

June 24, 2008

Have you seen this video of Matthew Harding? He’s a guy who likes to travel and likes to make people smile. He made a short video a few years ago, it spread around the Internet and made people laugh, and pretty soon a company offered to sponsor him to travel some more and make another one. Greatest gig in the world? Absolutely. 

Matt Harding dances

The final video is simple. There’s no dialogue or plot or moral or agenda. But it shows you everything that’s brilliant about traveling. Whether he’s in a famous tourist destination or way off the beaten path, the people he dances with all look the same. Well, they look different, but they all feel happy and free and silly and excited to be crazy dancing for a camera. It makes the human race look peaceful and friendly and a little bit goofy. It’s nothing like the image of scary foreigners that some people would try to sell you.

Be like Matt. Find something you love to do and figure out a way to share it with others. Hokey pokey your way around the world! (Start with an Around the World airfare. Travel CUTS can help you find a student fare from the U.S. or Canada and point you to other student travel discounts as well. Lower costs = more dancing!)