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Travel Like a Celebrity: Polite and Prepared

June 9, 2009

What, you don’t immediately associate “polite” with celebrities and travel?

It’s true, we see a lot of videos of famous people pushing around papparazzi or ducking and hiding as they speed through airport terminals with bodyguards and a massive entourage. But that’s not true of all of them.

mraz brotherLet’s talk about Jason Mraz. He plays something like 436 shows a year, all over the world, so he knows how to make travel go as smoothly as possible. That means he’s a very considerate, intelligent guy when it comes to airline staff and his fellow passengers. 

In a recent blog, he shared some of his travel trips, with a little help from his brother, who just happens to work for an airline. Here are some of my favorite Mrazicisims:

  • When there’s a flight delayed, the attendants are also delayed. When you’re stuck, they’re stuck. Everyone is missing something, especially families and hobbies. So go easy on the whole staff. If you’re good, you’re likely to get a free drink or a preview into the mile-high club.
  • But don’t be such a germ-a-phobe! Sharing close quarters with other humans will only teach your immune system to be stronger and tolerate more airborne viruses. However, if YOU are the one with the cough or cold, cover it up with a surgical mask. They are now available at all airports. Don’t worry about looking silly. No one will recognize you anyway. Be inspiring and considerate.
  • Airline employees can make your flight a positive one if you work together. They can see you coming a mile away, and for those with attitudes, it’s no accident that there are no more windows or aisles. Impatient and ungrateful customers always get the seats over the engine or closest to the toilet. By practicing Gratitude even before you enter the airport, you’ll find yourself happy to be anywhere on board.

That last one is probably the easiest to do, and the most important. Gratitude, expressed sincerely, can make a lot of travel situations easier.

It can persuade a hurried local to slow down a minute and give you directions, a taxi driver to round down on what you owe him when you don’t have correct change (I got a “no worries” twice in Sydney from drivers, probably because of my friendly chatter and grateful smile), or an upgrade at a hostel that isn’t at full capacity when you ask if you could get a little privacy and a decent night’s sleep (a friend and I once got a 6-bed dorm to ourselves for two nights, just by asking nicely and expressing how appreciative we were).

More travel lessons from Jason Mraz to come.


New Year’s Travel Wishes

December 26, 2008

“I’ve always held the belief that however you spend your New Year’s Celebration, it will be reflected in the year ahead, such was that year behind the wheel. Here’s another example: If you have the dream of traveling, I suggest packing your bags and having them with you when the clock strikes 12. Really show the universe that your intention is more than a thought. It is an action!”

Jason Mraz

So where will you and your bags be this New Year’s?


Famous People Travel. So Should You.

March 27, 2008

Why travel? To get away from home. To see something new. To take pictures that will make your friends jealous. To have flings with cute boys/girls you meet on buses and boats and in hostels. To improve your collection of coasters or keychains or smashed pennies. To leave someone behind. To get to someone else. To change who you are. Ooh, wait. That’s a really good reason. And maybe to change the world? A lofty ambition, but not impossible.

Jason Mraz in AfricaHave you heard of Jason Mraz? He’s a philosopher and poet and adventurer and surfer and lover and dreamer, and he sings from time to time, which is how he pays the bills, and his travel expenses. Mr. Mraz is on tour right now and has hit up lots of exotic places. In his online journal he recently wrote about his trip to South Africa, where he was suprised to learn that people there still lived their lives behind big thick walls, protecting themselves from each other, post-Apartheid.

Jason says:

“I’m writing this today because I left there a bit shaken. I’m sure there are plenty of people in this world who like me, are not keen to all the facts and all the news there is to know. I’ve lived my whole life with an “ignorance is bliss” attitude, and for many years it worked just dandy.

I don’t expect you to save South Africa. Nor do I insist you look into adopting an orphan child. I guess I’m just hoping that by sharing my travels, you yourself will have curiosities of your own.”

Be curious. Travel. Share. Continue the cycle and suck others into it until we’re all one big jacuzzi of travelers, learning and growing and working to understand each other.

And don’t forget to buy a keychain and take a few awesome pictures while you’re at it. 


Mary Poppins, the Original Backpacker?

October 17, 2007

How dull is it in the foggy San Francisco suburbs today? In the words of singer Jason Mraz, “I dreamed I went to Singapore, got bored and robbed a liquor store.” Not that I advocate felonies or misdemeanors of any kind, but you know what I mean. Some days, you want to be anywhere other than where you are.

Sometimes I think that instead of taking the new job I started last month I should have just stuck with the Mary Poppins lifestyle I’ve been leading for the last five years: Land somewhere, live out of a bag, have some fun, do a little dance, make some friends, leave an impression, then pack up and go wherever the wind takes my umbrella transportation unit, ideally leaving a young muffin like Bert in my wake wishing he’d had just a few days more to soak up my enchanting presence.

It worked for the guy on Quantum Leap, and Doctor Who. And in a less fantastical way, George on Seinfeld. He had that one episode where he decided to always leave on a high note.

And although traveling alone can be, well, lonely, I reaped huge rewards from my nomadic existence. In any given week now I get email from Germany, postcards from Norway, phone calls from Japan, or text messages from Australia. I met people who introduced me to people who then scattered all over the world, going back to where they were from or traveling on further.

For the past five years I’ve kept in touch with a guy I met at a nightclub and talked to for all of about two hours. I still hear from a girl who I shared a bus ride with three years ago. It’s awesome to have friends all over the world, especially when my vacations usually involve borrowing a couch for a few days, and I’m always ready to pack my bags for somewhere new.

Where is your mind wandering off to?