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Travel to Scotland for Easter 2011

February 1, 2011

The Easter Bunny won't bring you a view like this.

I just saw that Haggis Adventures is offering two special trips over Easter break. You can start in Edinburgh (the 3 day tour) or go from London (the 5 day tour) if you’d like to spend a day or two there first.

While on your wild & sexy tour, you’ll visit Loch Ness and hunt for Nessie, checkout the majestic Eilean Donan Castle and historic Glencoe and spend the night on the stunning Isle of Skye.

Sound like more fun than picking rotten eggs out of the bushes? I think so, too.

Chat with your local Travel CUTS agent to get hooked up with a student airfare and anything else you need.


Scare Up Some Christmas Fun in a Haunted Castle

October 21, 2010

Not everyone can get away with ditching their family for the holidays, but if you can, then how about spending Christmas partying in a castle?

Haggis Adventures offers budget tours of Scotland year round, but if  you go at Christmas you’ll get some extra special treats, including spending Christmas Eve and Christmas night in a haunted Highland castle surrounded by what I’m sure is a very creepy, but lovely, forest.

Haggis claims this experience is world famous, and who am I to doubt them? If you’re interested, check out their site, or talk to your local Travel CUTS student travel expert. They can hook you up with a student airfare and help you find great hostels if you want to add on a few nights in London or Cardiff. (I hear they have aliens there.)

If you go, tell me all about it. I’ll be home with the family, listening once again to the story of how Grandma once won a Sexy Legs contest during the War and took home a whole bag of groceries as her prize.



Be a Castle Stormer in Scotland!

May 21, 2010

If you go to Scotland, what are a few things you have to see?

1. The haunted Carbisdale Castle

2. Loch Ness, with or without monsters

3. Glencoe (where they had the infamous massacre)

Lucky for you, Haggis Adventures now has a two-day tour that will take you to all three sights. The Castle Stormer can be done by itself, if you already have a Scottish holiday planned, or you can combine it with another Haggis tour to see more of what Scotland has to offer.

The great thing with the hop-on hop-off style of tour that Haggis does is that it can make travelling a lot easier for you (no worrying about rental cars, maps, driving or booking rooms and activities), but it doesn’t force you to do a bunch of things you don’t want to. They put a framework together and you can fill it in however you’d like.

If you arrive in a city and fall instantly in love with it, or with the bartender at the local pub, you can hang out as long as you want and hop on the next bus through town when the thrill is gone.

A tour also provides a great opportunity to meet people. Even if you’re with friends, being thrown in a bus with a bunch of strangers can be helpful for those days when you love your BFF, but don’t want to have to listen to her talk about her jet lag for another single second. (It’s five hours later here. You’re tired. We get it.)

Check out all Haggis Adventures has to offer, and have a look at the Shamrocker Irish Adventures as well. When you’re ready to book, talk to a student travel expert at Travel CUTS and they can hook you up with a special student airfare and also help you sort out an ISIC (International Student Identity Card) for discounts.


Sexy Scots: Excellent Reasons to Visit Scotland

September 3, 2008
David Tennant

David Tennant

What inspires you to pick a travel destination? A well written book set in an exotic location? A stunning photograph of a far away place? A movie, a friend’s recommendation or a dart thrown at a map?

For me, it’s David Tennant. He’s Scottish, he’s sexy, and I love to listen to him talk. Ever since he took over as Doctor Who, I’ve wanted to visit Scotland to see if there are more like him. Then, this past weekend, I watched “Becoming Jane” with James McAvoy. Also Scottish, also sexy, also fun to listen to.

James McAvoy

James McAvoy

I think it’s clear that sometime soon I need to get to Scotland and see the sights. One of the best ways to do this is with Haggis Adventures. I can hop on the bus and let them do the driving while I stare out the windows and take in the local flavor. I can stay in a castle, visit Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye, and bookend my visit with my own itinerary of pub crawls, shopping, and making new friends with fun accents.

If all things Scottish sound good to you, have a look at what Travel CUTS and Haggis Adventures has to offer.