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The Travel Version of “Would You Rather?”

May 18, 2009

My friend over at The Adventure Travel Company blog just posed this question to his readers:

“If you were given the choice between a 60” high definition plasma flat panel television with Dolby Surround Sound or a luxury two-week South African safari with private guide, which would you choose?”

Not a safari, but Taronga Zoo in Sydney has excellent giraffes with big tongues.

Not a safari, but Taronga Zoo in Sydney has excellent giraffes with big tongues.

Since most of us aren’t in the position to purchase either right now it might be easy to say that of course we would take the safari. (If you chose the TV, maybe you should be reading this blog instead.)

But one of the points he makes is that it’s not just a choice between one big purchase or one amazing vacation. Even if you manage to save small – a few dollars a week – it adds up fast, so that this time next year, a safari might be something you could afford.

Money adds up fast the other way too. Eating dinner out instead of cooking at home, buying CDs and DVDs, stopping for a morning latte a few times a week – all of these things pick away at money that you could be saving to fund the trip of a lifetime.

So, would you rather invite friends over to watch a move once a week and spend next Spring Break in Costa Rica, or go out to a movie and buy popcorn and soda that you won’t remember a week later?


Have Your Own “Real World” Experience in Cancun

February 17, 2009

htotub_cancunYou may have heard that the next season of MTV’s “The Real World” is being filmed in Cancun. After 21 seasons of drunk people in (and out of) bathing suits, it’s about time they called this place home.

The cast members will be working for, acting as tour guides for Spring Breakers just like you. You can have your own StudentCity Cancun experience at a great price this year. It’s not too late to book, so have a look at for a list of departure cities, packages and dates.

Meet strangers, live in a hotel, but don’t ever stop being polite. Travel is always more enjoyable when you’re kind to those around you, especially in the real world.


Last-Minute Spring Break Deals Still Available

February 10, 2009

cancunIf you just recently looked up from your books and noticed that it’s February already and you still haven’t planned a Spring Break trip, no worries. There are still deals available for trips to Jamaica, Mexico, Florida and other popular destinations.

If you’ll be departing from the US, have a look at these Spring Break deals.

If you’ll be leaving from Canada, here are some student travel deals for you.

Time is running short, but a knowledgeable Travel CUTS student travel expert should be able to find something to fit your schedule and your budget. If you don’t see something you like online, give them a call and ask what else is available.


Spring Break 2009: Pick a Beach and Get Packing

January 28, 2009

Hopefully you already know what your Spring Break budget is going to be this year and you’ve started to make plans with friends that will keep you within that budget.

There are dozens of options for Spring Break destinations both within and outside the US, depending on how long you have and how far you want to go. Interested in one of these hot spots?

beachCancun, Mexico
Negril, Jamaica
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Nassau, Bahamas
Acapulco, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Mazatlan, Mexcio
South Padre Island, Texas
Panama City Beach, Florida

Or how about a Bahamas Party Cruise? All of these options and more are available at really good, student prices. If skiing or snowboarding is more your idea of a good time, talk to a student travel specialist at Travel CUTS about fares to Canada, Colorado, or wherever you like to play in the powder.

If you’re coming from Canada, there are special student travel deals for you too. Check out these Canadian deals:

The Dominican Republic 
The Mayan Riviera
Daytona Beach, Florida

And remember, there’s no studying allowed on Spring Break (even if they call it “Reading Week” where you are), so be sure to get your homework done ahead of time!


Only a Few More Days for Lufthansa Spring Break Deals

November 24, 2008

This is just a sample of possible fares, good through November 30th. Book now and avoid the last-minute rush.

From New York* to:
London $214 Frankfurt $295
Amsterdam $284 Barcelona $299
Paris $288 Prague $315
From Boston* to:
London $238 Frankfurt $234
Amsterdam $295 Barcelona $299
Paris $295 Prague $342
From Washington D.C.* to:
London $263 Frankfurt $317
Amsterdam $330 Barcelona $342
Paris $307 Prague $377
From Miami* to:
London $212 Frankfurt $352
Amsterdam $367 Barcelona $357
Paris $371 Prague $408
From Chicago* to:
London $278 Frankfurt $352
Amsterdam $391 Barcelona $351
Paris $272 Prague $384
From Los Angeles* to:
London $415 Frankfurt $364
Amsterdam $445 Barcelona $353
Paris $334 Prague $343
From Portland* to:
London $421 Madrid $309
Amsterdam $360 Athens $379
Paris $471 Rome $419
From San Francisco* to:
London $415 Madrid $341
Amsterdam $445 Athens $442
Paris $329 Rome $394
From Seattle* to:
London $212 Prague $442
Amsterdam $445 Athens $459
Paris $445 Rome $453
From San Diego* to:
London $462 Frankfurt $410
Amsterdam $333 Athens $488
Paris $380 Rome $390

Remember…you can only get the Lufthansa Student Spring Break Specials at Travel CUTS.

* Roundtrip fares shown do not include taxes. (Taxes are between $370 and $470 additional to fares shown). Fares are subject to availability, may change without notice, and vary by date of departure. Other destinations also available, ask your agent for details. Valid for departures between 27 OCT 08 – 11 DEC 08 or 25 DE C08 – 02 APR 09.

For more information or to book,
call 1-800-592-CUTS (2887) or visit your nearest Travel CUTS!


Put Spring Break on Your Christmas List

November 18, 2008

bahamasIt’s months away, but if you want to go further than your campus library for Spring Break, start planning now.

When relatives ask what you want for Christmas this year, let them know where you want to go and what you could use to help you get there. Maybe you need some new beach clothes, or maybe a travel gift certificate you can put toward airfare or accommodations.

Step one is getting together with a friend or five and picking out someplace you’ll love. Florida has been done, but how about the Dominican Republic, or a Bahamas Party Cruise? Check in with Travel CUTS for student discounts on the most popular packages.


Have You Been a Student Travel Cliché?

May 23, 2008

DisneylandAnd if so, does it matter?

In a recent blog, The Backpacker listed what he thought were the ultimate student travel clichés, including a drunken bus tour of Europe and a full moon party in Thailand. But while he thinks some of these cliches should be left behind, others he sees as a right of passage, or worth doing despite the fact that everybody does them.

His list is focused on Autralians abroad, but Americans have their clichés as well: Spring Break in Cancun or Florida, a graduation trip to Disneyland or Disney World, maybe a weekend in Vegas for your 21st. 

But why not do them? If that’s where you want to go, and you have good friends to have good times with, that’s what matters most. Thinking outside the student travel box can’t hurt though, so take some time to explore your more uncommon options.