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Sightseeing Must: Subway Stations

April 8, 2011

The Dome of Light in Formosa Boulevard station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Photo by

The Matador Network is a great collection of travel stories and resources, and I love when it points me to collections like this one:

Art in Subway Stations Around the World

I’ve written before that I think travel should include not just the big sights, but the everyday sights, too.

So along with the Louvre and the Sydney Opera House, you should also visit a McDonald’s or a laundromat or a neighborhood market. That’s how you get a feel for how the locals live and what their tastes are.

And in this case, you also get to see how some cities create art for everyone. You don’t have to be rich to see these creative works. You just have to wander into a subway station.

And now, I really need to get to the Place-Des-Arts metro station in Montreal.

What’s your favorite train or subway station?